Lead Your Legacy 2023

A Women's Leadership Development

2-Day Workshop

Grand Sierra Resort | Reno, NV

Thursday, September 28th - Saturday, September 30, 2023

I Want In! 


I support you, the working women warriors who are going beyond and making meaningful change.

During the Leadership Workshop, I will help you:

  • Outline specific, conversational talking points which will help you stand out as a leader.
  • Craft new leadership language and become a People First Culture Creator.
  • Become a change agent in your organization, while setting and exceeding goals and leading teams to success
  • Clarify highly sought-after leadership, people, and decision-making styles and skills that you naturally own
  • Build your capacity to deliver results with confident, effective communication. 


When you can scientifically identify your values, styles, and drivers that align with the culture, vision, and mission of your company, every day becomes happier. THAT WILL HAPPEN.

Through trusted, transparent collaboration, you can gain greater self-awareness, tap into your authentic potential, and strengthen your leadership skills.

This is what company champions and allies are made of! YOU BUILD YOUR GREATNESS WITH US!

Experience a more in-depth understanding of your styles and their benefits in a way that helps you show up authentically, genuinely, and with natural influence. EXPERIENCE THIS WITH US!

This ALL raises your level of confidence in the workplace so you can show up at the table.



  • You know you can do better and be better and want to make that happen.
  • You can never seem to find enough time to do what you want to do and deadlines keep passing.
  • You realize you are more burned out than you were a year ago, and your burnout is not going away, in fact, it may be escalating.
  • You believe you may be under-recognized and under-represented for promotions, substantial salary increases, and "big" assignments.
  • You have considered leaving your company or switching jobs, even though you are an instrumental part of the team, and you love your job.

    The current economic challenges have had an effect on everyone, especially women.  The broken rung is real. Address your broken rung.

Let me show you.

Hi, I'm Shari Pheasant, and I'm inviting you to join our growing group of Lead Your Legacy women leaders. I know this event will be life-changing and have an impact on your career.

With positivity, scientifically proven best practices, fun, and the ability to dig in and get it done we will change things for you and others around you.

This is the go-to training that gives everyone a voice in today's workforce environment.

Even if you are just looking to fine-tune your leadership to fit today's new environment or for the next step in your career, this is the training event for you.

Let me show you how to craft your success by showing up authentically, and naturally with influence, uniquely your way!

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At the 2023 Women’s Leadership Workshop, I will work directly with YOU, because I see you as an influential woman who is eager to embrace her individuality in the workplace! (yes, because you chose to attend, shows me you invest in you)

We'll celebrate it - women offer a different perspective and a way of working with and managing people that produces successful outcomes. Mastermind with other successful women leaders to understand how to find your seat at the table.

During the event, I will address top issues women face in the workplace, along with how to work through and overcome opposition to clear your path to greatness.

I know the current economic challenges have had an effect on everyone, especially women. I will give you the tools to break through the biases in the workplace and expose and fill the cracks that were revealed during the pandemic.

  • Discover how leadership development—and a lack thereof—impacts the business and goals.
  • Learn key ways to approach building up leaders and setting them up for success.
  • Come away with actionable tips and takeaways to build and deepen manager:employee relationships while delivering business results.
  • Learn how you can be genuine and take the right steps towards success by becoming the company champion.

Breaking the bias and being an ally is not only necessary for the well-being of women, but for society as a whole.

You are the solution.

I will also show you how:

  • The intertwining of generations provides multiple opportunities, ways of thinking, and experiences with each other.  Instead of differences dividing, learn how it brings value and holistic alignment to your team.
  • Effective solutions emerge with everyone working together, casting a new light on well-worn issues. Take solutions home with you.
  • Being Real is the only way to rise through the ranks without changing who you are --- imagine what you will accomplish!
  • To spot your own subconscious biases in order to manage them, as well as be able to communicate with every "personality" style with ease.
  • To better identify and understand the styles of others so you can better manage across and up successfully.

One of the real game changers that emerges from the Women’s Leadership Workshop is the alignment of our joint goals, raised visibility of important information, and a better understanding of what is uniquely you. 

Not to mention the new lasting friendships in our circle of sisterhood.


Shari Pheasant - "The Queen of Horsepower"

Hi again. Here's where I get to share about myself. It is my turn to show up for you. So, let me show you how I show up and how easy it is to communicate who I am.

You will notice right away I am 100% doer/driver, and I can juggle many things at a time. As a change catalyst, I am much better at apologizing than asking permission. I am driven by purpose and efficiency is a priority. Being drawn to new ideas is a pattern for me and I like to be in charge of my own freedom.

I am a business innovator, growth strategist, talent development specialist, engagement consultant, organizational facilitator, and keynote speaker, and am deeply involved in the personal growth of leaders and how it plays a massive role in shifting company culture.

I designed my progressive leadership programs to be deeply meaningful and facilitate the key actions that are required for true change.

As a certified professional behavioral analyst, I know that employee and leader happiness is the strongest profit driver in business today.

I use an innovative approach to build, grow, and inspire company culture from the inside out by starting with people-first strategies.

No one is broken, but we can all benefit from new insights into how we can interact to consistently create win-win scenarios where everyone feels happy, heard, and empowered to be an integral part of the team.

I collaborate with leading consultants and coaches, and have worked with hundreds of businesses and teams to improve engagement, and achievement through the right conversations.

Using transparency and sustainable communication techniques, I assist leaders in successfully gaining greater alignment, a stronger trajectory of success, and a fully engaged, innovative culture through clearer self-awareness, and accountability.

We always remember how people make us feel.

The current work environment is calling for leaders that build connected cultures. 


This is you. You need to consider how you make people feel when applying your leadership styles.  This is your opportunity to be the leader that paves the way to successful change.

Your experience will shift your mindset and trajectory. This is because I teach in a mastery-based method that gives you the ability to dig in deeply and immediately create change and sustainable learning.

When you leave, you will always remember how comfortable and familiar you became so quickly with our group and me. The trust we shared will stay with you.  Your perspective will be changed in some way.

I am energized when helping women of influence. This is you. 

Join me in September 2023 for a truly life-changing experience.


I Am Coming!


Let’s face it - Everyone is unique and has different learning styles and expectations. This event is structured to support all styles of learning, different styles of interest, and how bringing differences together can maximize the value of you and your team.

During this interactive, two-day experience, you will be led through an intense Leadership Deep Dive Training program, working with other women in small groups and participating in large group activities to solidify what you learned. Interacting with other women will expose you to many different combinations of leadership styles, and you will walk away with an understanding of your:

  • Talent Insights Leadership DNA - Uncover your How and your Why
  • Value to any Organization
  • Observable Behavior Styles
  • Communication Do’s and Don’ts
  • Primary, Situational, and Indifferent Driving Forces
  • Details to Manage & Motivate you
  • Ideal environment

The minute you sign up we will also invite you to participate in my weekly Step Into You activities that pour into you and set you up to gain even more clarity and understanding during the conference. Yes, at no charge.  One of my core pillars of business is to over-deliver. This is one of my over-delivers to you. Whether you participate or not, the conference is designed to serve different levels of understanding just like what happens with real-life teams.

Don’t worry, if you're unable to participate in our weekly journey, you will still get everything you need from the conference. It is up to you how you want to learn. The diversity of learning and exposure brings forth the best learning environment we could ask for to imitate real-life encounters. 

If you're ready to say YES to gaining a better understanding of yourself and make some new, amazing life-long friends....

What are you waiting for?!

Choose the payment option that works best for you below:



Just for You Special*: $1,597

*Valid through June 30, 2023.

What's Included: A package worth over $4000

  • IMMEDIATELY build and receive your Scientific Naked Truth Leadership DNA Report
  • Start Your Journey the minute you sign up with weekly "quick focus" videos from me
  • 10+ Hours of Leadership Training with Shari Pheasant at event
  • Several Team Building Activities (take them home)
  • 1 Hour Keynote Speaker Presentation
  • Breakfast, Lunch (Fri & Sat), Appetizers / Beverages (Thursday evening); Saturday Special Dinner
  • Networking Night at GSR and a special gift bag
Pay in Full



Just for You Special*: $567/month

*Payment plan option valid through June 30, 2023.

What's Included: A package worth over $4000

  • IMMEDIATELY build and receive your Scientific Naked Truth Leadership DNA Report
  • Start Your Journey the minute you sign up with weekly "quick focus" videos from me
  • 10+ Hours of Leadership Training with Shari Pheasant at event
  • Several Team Building Activities (take them home)
  • 1 Hour Keynote Speaker Presentation
  • Breakfast, Lunch (Fri & Sat) Appetizers / Beverages (Thursday evening); Saturday Special Dinner
  • Networking Night at GSR and a special gift bag

Stay Tuned! Special Guest Speaker to be revealed soon!



September 28th

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Guests Check In to Hotel

6:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Conference Kick Off

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Getting Started Activity & Reception


September 29th

8:15 AM - 8:45 AM

Energy Breakfast

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Fireside Chat with Shari

10:00 AM - 11:30 PM

Awareness Training - Part 1, Day 1

11:30 AM - 12:15 PM

Womens Leadership Panel Discussion

12:15 PM - 1:00 PM


1:00 AM - 2:30 AM

Identifying Training - Part 2, Day

12:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Dig In Activity - Part 3, Day 1

4:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Recap, Reset, Renew Activity

Dinner on Own

SATURDAY September 30th

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Energy Breakfast

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Special Guest Speaker TBA

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Understanding Training, Part 4, Day 2

12:15 PM - 1:00 PM


1:00 - 2:30 PM

Application Training, Part 5, Day 2

2:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Group Activity - Part 6, Day 2

4:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Closing Remarks

6:00 PM - 10 PM

Women Go Western Themed Dinner & Recognitions

Meet Kaili Hill, Miss Rodeo Nevada 2023, our event Emcee!

She will also be our hostess for

Women Go Western Night on Saturday!

Bring your western attire and attitude for an experience that will last a lifetime!

Grand Sierra Resort Accommodations

We want you to have flexibility when it comes to choosing where to stay when you come to Reno. That being said, my team worked a great deal with the Grand Sierra resort to accommodate you at an unbelievable price.

Below are two options we recommend.

All taxes and fees are included in this price, so there will be no surprises at check-in!


Online booking is available by clicking the button below. Please select your desired check-in and check-out date. We recommend checking in on Thursday, September 28th, and checking out on Sunday, October 1st; however, you are more than welcome to come early or stay later! The choice is yours. However, the rates below are ONLY available on the dates of this event. Any other night is subject to standard rates at GSR.

***When booking, share the cost with a co-worker or friend!

Select the "Two Queen Beds" option on the site when booking if two people will be in one room.

You may also call the Grand Sierra Resort at (800) 501-2651 and let them know you want a room for the September 2023 Lead Your Legacy Event hosted by Shari Pheasant / Horsepower Strategies, checking in on Thursday, September 28th, and checking out Sunday, October 1st. Let them know the room option you want below.

The A Standard Room

$148.46 / NIGHT - Thursday & Friday

$284.06 / NIGHT - Saturday

*pricing includes ALL taxes and fees.

The A Standard King room is your place to unwind and refresh in grand style.

These beautifully appointed rooms come with luxurious furnishings, bright, modern décor, and everyday conveniences like a flat-screen TV and WiFi access.

The Summit Standard Room

$137.15 / NIGHT - Thursday & Friday

$272.76 / NIGHT - Saturday

*pricing includes ALL taxes and fees.

For a hotel room that offers comfort and convenience with an extra touch of class.

The Summit queen room offers an oasis of comfort and luxury.

Boasting plush bed linens, spa-inspired bathroom amenities, and stunning views of the Sierra Nevada and Reno city lights.

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I know you don't have time for everything.

And yet this . . . this event is for you, you professionally and personally.

I promise I'll even show you several ways you can find more time specifically based on your scientific naked truth. This alone will help you from our event forward.

So, why not?

I have done everything I can to get you here, now the ball is in your court. I hope to see you in September!

And don't forget about my twelve-week pre-event extra where, in less than ten minutes a week, you get to dig in!